In the beginning, we made the decision to build CIRRUS and concentrate on the software as a service. With our previous system landscapes, we focused on hardware and operating systems. Nowadays, we pay particular attention to the SKILL of the engineers involved.

In addition to the basics (university or vocational college degree in Software/Computer Science), several hundred working days were dedicated to specific training. This is the only way to create a «modular system» that our Solution Partners can understand and use intuitively!

Pius D. | CIRRUS – Solution Development, Head of

The CIRRUS architecture strictly adheres to the layer model: 1. Database, 2. Business Logic and 3. User Interface. As certified MS partners, our Product Development Team uses Microsoft® Framework with C#/.Net and the associated libraries (e.g., WPF) for the first and second layer, while the third layer is realised using AngularJS Framework (Google / JavaScript).

Of course, the engineers involved all have different priorities and special qualifications, and their skills are implemented accordingly. However, to identify with CIRRUS as a whole, it is equally important that all layers are understood, supported and sustainably invigorated by all parties concerned.

“CIRRUS is taking on shape month for month; the team is growing, new features are becoming tangible and the wow-experiences are starting to belong to everyday life!”