This is what’s important now

The Lantzerath (Schweiz) Holding AG took over the company at the end of the 1990’s and paved the way for a successful future: the focus is no longer only on the domestic market as new opportunities open up in Europe and throughout the world. BiCA products are once again being used around the globe and offer – also by acquiring further companies – suitable solutions for the rapidly changing needs of people of today.

Nowadays, BiCA is a system house for high technology at the point of service for retail, petrol stations and catering.

We developed the BiCA Retail Solution, which has been in use since 2001: more than 5000 branches, mainly petrol stations in Western Europe, have been equipped with the solution.

Sabine G. | BiCA Corporate Communications

“CIRRUS – it is more than the symbolic lightness of a cloud...”

Our milestone

Our products may change, but we will never give up our tradition of encouraging tinkerers, inventors and free spirits to flourish in our company. This is the reason why we have managed to develop a completely new generation of products:

The total virtualisation of cash register and stock control functions – with the CIRRUS Business Solution!