BiCA is a system house for high technology at the point of service for retail, petrol stations and catering.

With the establishment of CIRRUS, our competences will expand significantly. Present day manufacturing and service processes will give way to a total virtualisation. The pay-at-the pump auto fuel terminal’s bill validator becomes a building component that obtains its services from the cloud and exchanges its data by post!

Potential customers and users can install their CIRRUS for operation via the Help Desk and Support.

In addition to this virtual BiCA, we will also continue to be a classic service provider for the construction and maintenance of petrol stations. In future, these services will be bundled into an independent business division.

This way, we will be able to master the difficult balancing act between high technology and handicraft. At the same time, it will strengthen the relationship with our parent company, which already plays a leading role in this area throughout Europe!