CIRRUS is offered as a classic “Software as a Service” (SaaS). This means that the actual application and all central infrastructures are operated by BiCA via cloud computing. Our customers can then access these services on all end devices (MS, Android or iOS) by means of a browser.

The service recipient – the CIRRUS end customer – pays for the use of the application and the operation of central infrastructures with a usage-based fee. The investment requirement is kept to an absolute minimum at the current market price.

As the service provider, BiCA is responsible for the entire ICT administration, guarantees for the quality of service together with the WAN-provider (T-Systems & GREEN) and handles all other services such as maintenance work and updates. This allows our customers to focus fully on their core business.


The only must-have is the CIRRUS Player – it addresses all peripheral devices by IP and provides specific drivers so that none of the CLOUD’s performance has to be drained for this purpose. The CIRRUS Player is made available on the basis of monthly utilisation charges and updates itself automatically.

Depending on the BiCA recommendation, all other peripheral devices (receipt printers, cash drawers, cash register workstations, etc.) can be provided by the customer, taken over from the original inventory or delivered by BiCA or our Solution Partners and distributors.

“...CIRRUS is being developed in the BiCA Think Tanks in Lucerne – hosting of the cloud as well as country-specific adaptations will be carried out by accredited Solution Partners.”