With the release of CIRRUS, users of the current BiCA Retail Solution will be able to conduct their entire fuel management in the business solution “petrol station” in CIRRUS, while, for example, cash registers, auto fuel terminals and stock control will only become available in later releases.

“We have decided to build CIRRUS – and be CIRRUS – that is our answer to the future of retail, service stations and catering.”

Stefan G. | COO (Chief Operating Officer)


Every year in July, a major release will be made available. In addition, the cloud will profit from a wave of enhancements each October and February, which are carried out as minor releases. Depending on the country, industry and special customer demands, BiCA will operate multiple clouds (clusters), which are not bound to the same release status.

Our goal

Our end customers, users and Solution Partners are automatically included in the «CIRRUS Circle» so that future developments can be approached together. This allows us to establish CIRRUS as the new standard for retail, petrol stations and catering in a targeted and efficient manner, and therefore also at at a reasonable price.